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Welcome to our blog

[Mostly translated from Japanese to English] [日本語はこちら]

To start off

So we have tried to write this post more than 10 times over the past 2 weeks.
From trial and error we’ve decided to write honestly about our experiences while traveling.

So came to be “Honest Backpackers”

The writers of this blog are 20-something Japanese Fumi who manages the Japanese posts, and Aussie Jess (me) who will be writing English posts.

We’ll be writing recounts of our travels, discoveries and realisations, as well as How Tos. As the blog grows what we’ll write about is bound to change, but will stay in our overall theme of being as honest as possible (because tbh we’ve had enough of wanderlust photos and travel blogs already, haven’t we??)



Fumi in awe of the buildings nearby Porto Cathedral, Porto, Portugal

How we met

We met in Beijing, China.

I was on exchange at university and Fumi was there for work. Of all places we met at a convenience store.

After living together in Tokyo for over 2 years Fumi proposed in June 2016 and we got engaged.

In 200 days we’re getting married!

After graduating university, starting work full-time, with life going seemingly well, we both felt that something was missing…

So we decided that we’d do a world-wide trip before tying the knot.

For now we’re traveling, doing a 200 day pre-honeymoon.

Why we began traveling

We both absolutely love to travel. It’s that simple.

Since meeting we’ve traveled to Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Osaka and some other smaller prefectures in Japan.

After settling in Japan for work, we never had the chance to travel abroad except for business trips, or when I went home to Aus to visit family…

We were getting itchy feet, and our lives had been filled with work.

We had been waiting for the right timing™️ to do our long dreamt of “world trip”, when we realised that…

There is no such thing as the right timing™️, we have to make it for ourselves!

… so we decided to quit our jobs and quit waiting for this elusive, non-existent time to appear.

After negotiating with our employers, we were both given the opportunity to continue working remotely part-time while traveling.

DSC04078.JPG Walking through the backstreets of Ronda, Spain

Our travel goals

  1. To enjoy our pre-honeymoon to the fullest
  2. To get ready for our weddings while traveling (yes there is an ‘s’ there, yes we are crazy)
  3. As ‘modern’ backpackers, make use of airbnb, couch surfing etc, and have a comfortable x cheap x flexible trip
  4. Work remotely wile traveling, and learn the balance between work and travel
  5. Discover the type of lifestyle that will suit us longer term

To sum it up

At first we’d planned to write this blog about our ‘discoveries’ while traveling from a Japanese and Australian perspective, but in reality there weren’t really that many memorable ‘discoveries’ that we felt were blog-worthy. So we scrapped that idea.

We thought too much about how we should present the blog and present ourselves, so we decided to go back to the basics and write more truthfully and honestly about our traveling experiences.

There’ll be times that we argue (already have been), there will be times when things don’t go as planned (it’s been 2 weeks but I could write a book I swear), there will be things that are a pain that we really don’t want to have to waste our time on.

We decided not to go to Starbucks because, well, Starbucks, but alas the Pumpkin Spiced Frappachino was too tempting, so under the guise that we ‘need to use their internet’ we went there anyway. For those back home in Aus who are missing out… oh boy it was good.

That’s the kind of honest stuff we’ll write about – hopefully not all as trivial as an overpriced sugar laden drink.

Honesty is key.

Even if it’s just one more person, we’ve decided to write our blog in Japanese and English in the hopes that we can share with others our experience, and that it can share their future traveling experience positively!

We hope you enjoy 🙂


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Honest Backpackers編集長兼文也のテックサポーター。 1991年10月生まれのオーストラリア人。シドニー大学在学時に交換留学で1年間来日。卒業後2015年に東京にて日本の大手IT企業に入社。新規事業開発の企画を担当。 現在は旅をしながら運営と開発を行う。 趣味は遠州流茶道。Honestly、猫に目がない。

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